White Quartz Sink

White Quartz Sink


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Quartz sink is a man made composite material, composed of natural quartz combined with acrylic resin (generally an 80%/20% ratio). Quartz sink are highly durable with the look and feel similar to natural stone at a much competitive prices.


  • Length: 79 CM
  • Width: 50 CM
  • Thickness: 20CM
  • Color White

Technical details

  • It’s incredibly durable and resistant to heat (up to 535° F), scratches, stains, and impact
  • Its smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain
  • Its natural soundproofing absorbs noise
  • It’s nonporous, so food particles don’t spread
  • It’s hygienic and bacteria- and odor-resistant
  • It retains its color and uniformity for a lifetime
  • It comes in awesome non-fading colors and finishes.